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The Beautillion Militaire Leadership, Training and Scholarship Program is the “Crown Jewel” of the Kappa Charitable Trust Fund Incorporated.  It began in 1985 and was established by William A Rainbow and Samuel Greene of the Raleigh Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Inc. The Purpose of this program is to expose young men in the Raleigh area to leadership training through concentrated and systematic efforts. Made up of juniors and seniors high school students, the program provides an opportunity to present their skills and achievements to the community, as well as give each participant the chance to earn scholarship awards to assist them with there secondary education.

We are proud in the fact that we have been assisting young men via the Beautillion Program for over 25 years to pursue their educational goals. During this time we have issued over $500,000 in scholarships and have mentored over 200 Beaus.

For more information reach out to Aaron Thornton at  

Each Beau is responsible for raising funds both individually and collectively in the form of patron sponsorships in support of the Kappa Charitable Trust Fund, Inc.’s charitable endeavors, scholarship awards, and Beautillion Program expenses (i.e. printing, tuxedo rentals, venue rental, etc.).

Sponsorships will be in the form of patrons. Contributions Levels:

Diamond: $500
Krimson: $250
Kreme: $100
Pearl: $50
Patrons: $25.00


Beau Tyler Ladson

Beau Greyson Wells

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Beau Chase Martin

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