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The Kappa Leadership & Development League program is designed to aid high school aged young men grow and develop leadership talents in every phase of human endeavor. Kappa League provides both challenging and rewarding experiences to enhance their lives. With Kappa Alpha Psi’s fundamental purpose being achievement, it’s our aim to help these young men achieve worthy goals for themselves and make constructive contributions to their community when they assume leadership roles.

Program Objectives

  • Inform youth of the value of higher education, of assistance available for continued educational pursuits such as: scholarships, loans, professional counseling, fellowships; and of various occupational and professional opportunities.

  • Assist youth in the selection of courses leading to careers and vocations compatible with their aptitudes, interests, and personalities and to support parents / guardians in advising their children by providing opportunities to talk discuss issues and opportunities with those who are successful in their chosen careers / vocations.

  • Provide youth a respite from the drudgery and dangers of every day life through sponsored entertainment and cultural enrichment.

For more information reach out to Devin Cole or Earl Horton at  

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